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Sunday, March 12, 2006

My Prophet is My Hero
By: Anisa Martiana 13 Junior High School

“ Like a sunshine light up my heart. My Hero!” it’s difficult for me to express about my hero. But I try to explain it, because my hero is very important for me. He is the most and only perfect human in the world. He is my hero who always in my heart and the most perfect in my eyes. He is my prophet , Rosulullah Muhammad saw.
When I heard name of Muhammad, I feel my spirit comes.why? because the prophet Muhammad biographi is very amazing. He always smile and friendly, although people hated him. He help people who was throw him with a soil. He reply badness with a goodness. So I think he is a hero. Because of him, now I know how to be brave the trouble of the life and I learn that the goodness can defeat the badness.
Prophet Muhammad is a best leader in the world. He can attend peacefull an welfare in his country. Apart from that, he is rightfull, wise, clever, and honesty. From him, I learn how to be a good leader, because everyone is a leader from him self.
Prophet muhammad is a best entepreneur, but he is very generous and simple. All of his characteristic is no one which bad. All of them is always good and perfectly. He is rich but he isn’t arrogant. From him, I learn again and again that the richness can’t make someone be lofty, but the simplicity and the charity can make someone be lofty in people eyes.
The most important to me are, my Prophet Muhammad saw, was bring the punishment which make me know what the life for, apart from that, now I can know my God, Allah SWT. Prophet Muhammad is a light in whole world. He is bring the truth light. No one else can be better from him.
These are, why, I call him hero. Because from him, I learn how to perform this life and be a good person. Prophet Muhammad was make me change better. I can’t reply his sacrifice. There is just desire in my heart. I want to meet him, but is imposible. Prophet Muhammad is my hero. Number one person in this world.


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