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Sunday, March 12, 2006

By: Laksmi 13 Junior High School

Hero is some figure who can make us always feel proud with them. Make it to be the best and always be the number one. Make it become our life handle.
Marie Curie (1867-1934), a great scientist from Poland who found Polonium (Marie take Polonium name, from her country name, Poland) and Radium. The person who get two Nobel from Physics and Chemistry.
Marie who take her graduate at age 16, can read a book when she was 4 years old. Since kid, Marie very like her father library. Who keep some hard book. At school, Marie teacher still use Polish for explain history of Poland. And, Marie never been peace with her Russia teacher. Very hard to make Marie want to respect Russia people.
Marie always have a good look. She always be the best, everywere and anywhere. Marie get two degree from Physics and Mathematic from Sorbonne University. And, get holder of doctorate from Sorbonne University.
Marie ever been teacher in many school, and be extracurricular tutorial lesson teacher. Marie teach at Sevres, and become university level instructure at Sorbonne University.
Marie not always feel happy. Marrie ever lose someone she love. At age 9 Marie lose her first sister, Zoshia. At age 11 Marie lose her lovely mother. At age . At age 36 Marie lose her baby. At age 39 Marie lose her lovely husband. But, Marie never fall into her sadness. Marie always can arise, and walk againt.
Marie still can stand with many kind of test who always lunge her life. Marie enjoy her life with her two daughter, Irene and Eve.
Never know fear with anything. The example is, when world war I Marie who become coordinator, make rowof cure with Radioactive. Marie take Irene become Marie assistant. And, until the war expire, Marie is completed 20 vehicle with x-ray. Two hundred more, medicine care, and educate 150 nurse.
Within in many condition, Marie never stop commit experiment. She never get sleep all nights, because she is very keen to do some experiment.
Marie never want to stop, she do the experiment while she get trouble to look around. Marie never want everybody regard her as an old woman. Marrie still try come, wen there is some experiment.
Untill she almost die or gone, she still thinking about some experience, Radium, and Polonium. She die with peace, at 4 July 1934, and people bury her at her lovely land, Poland.
The smart women die in 67. Women who found Polonium and Radium. Women who found the medicine of cancer. Women who I call My Hero.


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