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Sunday, March 12, 2006

by Tiara from Bandung
Hello Friends! My name is Tiara. I am a student of 13 Junior High School Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, grade VIII J. I want to tell you about my hero.
My Grandfather is my hero in my life because he is very kind, smart, calm, and always looked happy. But now, he has passed away. He used to make me happy and he used to hold me when I had a trouble.
When I was 4 years old, I wanted to be a student of kindergarden, but my mom said I was too little to be a student of kindergarden, and my Grandfather taught me everything. And he told me anything I wanted to know. When I cried my Grandfather made me smile again. When I was sad, my grandfather made me happy again, and when I wanted to sleep, my Grandfather read a story for me. My Grandfather used to give me what I wanted.
One day, I wanted to ask for candy in my Grandfather's room, but he slept. So, I tried to wake up him. But he still slept. So I called my Mom, and she said..My Grandfather has passed away..But at the moment, I really didn't understand about that. After my mom told me about that, I was very sad..because I couldn't play with him again..
Well, now my Grandfather has passed away and I can't meet my Grandfather again. But he will never die in my heart. He will be forever in my life.


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