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Sunday, March 12, 2006

My Prophet is My Hero
By: Anisa Martiana 13 Junior High School

“ Like a sunshine light up my heart. My Hero!” it’s difficult for me to express about my hero. But I try to explain it, because my hero is very important for me. He is the most and only perfect human in the world. He is my hero who always in my heart and the most perfect in my eyes. He is my prophet , Rosulullah Muhammad saw.
When I heard name of Muhammad, I feel my spirit comes.why? because the prophet Muhammad biographi is very amazing. He always smile and friendly, although people hated him. He help people who was throw him with a soil. He reply badness with a goodness. So I think he is a hero. Because of him, now I know how to be brave the trouble of the life and I learn that the goodness can defeat the badness.
Prophet Muhammad is a best leader in the world. He can attend peacefull an welfare in his country. Apart from that, he is rightfull, wise, clever, and honesty. From him, I learn how to be a good leader, because everyone is a leader from him self.
Prophet muhammad is a best entepreneur, but he is very generous and simple. All of his characteristic is no one which bad. All of them is always good and perfectly. He is rich but he isn’t arrogant. From him, I learn again and again that the richness can’t make someone be lofty, but the simplicity and the charity can make someone be lofty in people eyes.
The most important to me are, my Prophet Muhammad saw, was bring the punishment which make me know what the life for, apart from that, now I can know my God, Allah SWT. Prophet Muhammad is a light in whole world. He is bring the truth light. No one else can be better from him.
These are, why, I call him hero. Because from him, I learn how to perform this life and be a good person. Prophet Muhammad was make me change better. I can’t reply his sacrifice. There is just desire in my heart. I want to meet him, but is imposible. Prophet Muhammad is my hero. Number one person in this world.

My Hero; My Friends
By: Tsara Desiana A., 13 Junior High Bandung

Everyone, everything can be a hero. Hero for me is someone/something who can make others being a better person or they can make a good things for the other’s life. Someone/something who can bring a positive thing for the others. Even just one thing, if it positive, I’m sure, others can apply it in their life so they can be a better person. Whatever it is.

And I have a lot of hero in my life. But I have one which is different. But I’m sure, you have them too.

My Hero is my friends. My best friends. There are 4. Dhiyan, Ijah, Windy, and Tiara. Maybe they’re just an ordinary girls for the others(and exactly, for them too), but for me, they’re different. They can do something that others can’t do.

Something that make them to be my hero is their honest. They always be honest about all the bad things of me. When they critics me. When they stay away from me. When they make me jealous because of their best. That’s all really hurt for me. But it’s better. When they do that, they make me think more. Make me think what can I fix inside myself. When they critic me, I always get fed up. When they compete against me, I will get so mad. And when they make me jealous, the jealousy will grow up in my heart.

But after that, I think. What can I do with my fed up, my mad, and my jealousy? It’s just so waisting my time. I will lose my friends if I keep doing that. So the only thing that I can do, just fix myself. Fix my behaviour. Being a better person.

I always scared to get separated with them in High School. But, if it happens, I’ve got a lot of things from them. I’ve being a better person than before. I can see so many things not just from one side. See a positive things from bad things. And it’s valuable.
My Friends is My Hero
By: Okky Pertiwi 13 Junior High School

Hi, my name is Okky Pertiwi from thirteen junior high school Bandung. My friends are my heroes. They are heroes for me, but not like Superman or Spiderman, Batman or another heroes. But hero who make me free from colonize by my friend. This story began in my elementary school. In my elementary school I had friends, they all are kind to me. Except, one of them. Her name is “DR”, I sat with her. Actually, she was a good girl, but sometimes she became an absolutely bad girl. Nobody know about this, because except in front of me she became to be a good girl again.
Why i called her an absolutely bad girl ? because when we were had a test seh always asked me the answer. But when my answer was wrong, seh always got angry with mi. She said that i was stupid student, and i was a wicked friend. Because, i told her a wrong answer. But actually , the answer thai i gave to her, was mine too, si i was wrong too. But she didn’t care about that. She just want the best for her. She is a very egocentric bad person.
Beside that, the reason why i called her an absolutley bad girl was because she always asked me for money. But because my home is near from my elementary school. So, my mother never gime a lot of money. But again, she didn’t care about that. And because i was a little girl and i thought that she was my bestfriend. I gave her my money, so i always bring a stock to school. My mother asked me why, i brought a stock to school, but i answer that i want to save my money for buy something.
In 3 years from grade 3-5. i liked a waiter by her. Sometimes she ordered me to make her homework and 5 minutes after i finished her home work. She ordered me again and again.
I was really stress and almost crazy, and that made me didn’t won’t to go to school. So, sometimes i got truant. When i truant , i just took a walk not far from my home. And sometimes i rest in a little park. I sat on the chair and ate my stock.
When i was truant for 3 days, my teacher came to my house. She said to my mother that i was absent for 3 days, she afraid if i was sick. My mother was very shock and angry to me. And then i told her the reason why i had truant. My 3 bestfriend came too with my teacher.
Then my mother understand about that, and gave me a holiday until weekend to take a rest. When i was home, my 3 bestfriend came to my home. We had a game, ate and study together in 3 days. I was really happy, and then they supported me to finish my problem with “DR”.
And on Monday, “DR” asked me why I was absentfor a week. And I answer it’s all because of you. Then I said to her that I wanted to separate from her, to sat with one of my bestfriend. Then “DR” was called by the headmaster. And when she out from the headmaster’s room, she cried. And my 3 bestfriend told me that she was moved from class A to class B.
But then the headmaster called me too. He told that “DR” was move from class A to class B. And he told people who told him my problem. Guess who? My 3 bestfriend. With all of they brave they told the headmaster about my problem. Infact, they asked the headmaster to remove “DR” from the school.
I was really shock and touched by them. They were my real bestfriend. When I enter the class they told everything which happened in the class when I was absent. And I knew the truth from them, and I cried in my class. But then 3 weeks “DR” moved. She had move again from my school. I was really happy.
Well, I thought the story is enough. Now i can make the conclusion that “DR” was not my rael bestfriend. They are a hero for me, they helped me finished my problem, and supported me when I was down.
Now, i was free from the colonized by “DR”. Like Indonesia which had colonized by Nederland for 350 years. And now I know that problem is to finish not to avoid. Because problem will not finished if we avoid that problem. And of course now i know that I had 3 bestfriends in elementary school which became my hero who helped me problem. So, I can said that my friends are my hero.
By: Arinda - 13 Junior High Bandung

My parents, they are the heroes in my life. My parents always love me. My parents are very different from another parents. My friend often complain about their parents. They think their parents are cruel, fussy, and they think they parents like a devil. Many of them say to me “ Why do my parents always allow me to do something I want ! “, they always say that their get some prohibit to do they want. I ever have the same opinion in my mind too. But it was while I kid and I go to elementary school. But now, I have a different opinion from my past. I think my parents and another parents do that because they want their children have a successful live in their future. I’m respect they attempt.

14 years I was spend my live. I think they’re the first people who always support me. They always help me every time I need them. They always support me when I need a support. And they will have a happiness when I was get a happiness too. They don’t want I’ll be an arrogant person. They always teach me to respect our live and use it to be a successful person. They carrying me with love, scene I was baby until now.

They always teach me and guide me to the right side. They always guide me with a religion science and with many experience. They want me will be a good person in my future.

I always follow many competition. My parents always support me to be a number one. But to be a number one is not a purpose of the competition, but the experience is the purpose of that. “ Experience will make me more good, when we want to do something in our live “. They always say that to me. Experience is a good teacher to get a successful live.

My parents always want me to be discipline girl. That’s the one of my parents principle. They teach me that. For a beginning. I thought it was make me bored. But now, I know what the purpose of the principle. It makes me a good person in my class now. I always come early to school. I always come early when I have some appointment. ”Waiting your friend is more good better than waite for with your friend“, my parents always say that to me. Now I can respect the time.

Not just that, my parent always say this to me, “ The person can be a successful person if they can respect the time, respect their self, and if they can respect other people “, and now, that’s my principle to do this life. I have say it to one of my friend. Now, he’s not to come late again.

My parents are like a candle who ready to die to defense they children life. A candle who ready to tell the right side when we have a problem. And a candle who give a shine in the dark.

That’s a state whom I proud. Without them, I’m can’t be as now. Without them, I can’t respect the time, I can’t find my self and be my self. I can’t respect other person.

I have experience about that state. Began when I was not has a friend in my school, and many more state. My parents always help me to finish my problem.

Not just that, they always help me to do my life. Now, I can get a good score in my class. I can be a winner in some competition. That’s can’t happened when I don’t have my parents. They’re very meaningful in my live.

They do anything for my live, maybe I can’t replay all of that. They’re like a raft in the tide.

Without them I can’t like now. I can’t like now. I can’t live like this.

They give many experience to me. Maybe I can’t replay it until end of my live. I want to replay it. Now, I just make them happy, and a good present while I get now. I just can replay it a little to them.

Thank you very much for you……
Mom …… Dad ……..

Supposing that I was adult
I will say
To my hero….

Supposing that my age was change
I will replay your love ….
My shine….
My light in my live every time…

I know you guard me in my sleep
I know you always happy in your kiss
I know always love in my smile
Lord… I hope…
Make they happiness like me…

Supposing that my age was change
I will replay your love
Your love was very white…
Your love was very pure…
I always love you so much

I love you mom…..
I love you dad…..

By: Laksmi 13 Junior High School

Hero is some figure who can make us always feel proud with them. Make it to be the best and always be the number one. Make it become our life handle.
Marie Curie (1867-1934), a great scientist from Poland who found Polonium (Marie take Polonium name, from her country name, Poland) and Radium. The person who get two Nobel from Physics and Chemistry.
Marie who take her graduate at age 16, can read a book when she was 4 years old. Since kid, Marie very like her father library. Who keep some hard book. At school, Marie teacher still use Polish for explain history of Poland. And, Marie never been peace with her Russia teacher. Very hard to make Marie want to respect Russia people.
Marie always have a good look. She always be the best, everywere and anywhere. Marie get two degree from Physics and Mathematic from Sorbonne University. And, get holder of doctorate from Sorbonne University.
Marie ever been teacher in many school, and be extracurricular tutorial lesson teacher. Marie teach at Sevres, and become university level instructure at Sorbonne University.
Marie not always feel happy. Marrie ever lose someone she love. At age 9 Marie lose her first sister, Zoshia. At age 11 Marie lose her lovely mother. At age . At age 36 Marie lose her baby. At age 39 Marie lose her lovely husband. But, Marie never fall into her sadness. Marie always can arise, and walk againt.
Marie still can stand with many kind of test who always lunge her life. Marie enjoy her life with her two daughter, Irene and Eve.
Never know fear with anything. The example is, when world war I Marie who become coordinator, make rowof cure with Radioactive. Marie take Irene become Marie assistant. And, until the war expire, Marie is completed 20 vehicle with x-ray. Two hundred more, medicine care, and educate 150 nurse.
Within in many condition, Marie never stop commit experiment. She never get sleep all nights, because she is very keen to do some experiment.
Marie never want to stop, she do the experiment while she get trouble to look around. Marie never want everybody regard her as an old woman. Marrie still try come, wen there is some experiment.
Untill she almost die or gone, she still thinking about some experience, Radium, and Polonium. She die with peace, at 4 July 1934, and people bury her at her lovely land, Poland.
The smart women die in 67. Women who found Polonium and Radium. Women who found the medicine of cancer. Women who I call My Hero.
Andika from 13 Junior High School Bandung
Hi, my name is Andika and I'm from 13 Junior High School. Now I want to tell you all what kind of hero is really important for me. A Hero is what a person is called for succeeding in helping to save/change someone's life, like in a story : -Superman-Batman-SpidermanBut for me...My Hero,My Hero is...my Best Friends - they are always beside me Every day,They always think of me.They always love for everything I do.
We've been connected all this time,We always spent our time together,If I have a problem, they are always standingNext to me, to Hear all of my sadness. Even if they are sad too!Why I do call them a Hero?Because of only one thing !!!Friendship!!!
This is my picture with all my heroes.. (my Collection)
A hero for me is where they always save me from the darkness.They can't be called a hero if they never help their friends from Distress.All my friends are heroes, but only one Hero, you know who?The people in this picture are my Hero.I have a lot of friends, but I think these people are true, my Hero Forever, Cause I can't live without them, even if they go, I will always remember everything that we've doing together for the last time. We laugh!We cry!All the memories that I won't forget !!!ANDIKA

Written by Andika from Bandung
by Erlinda from Bandung
Hi, my name is Erlinda. I am a student of 13 Junior High School, in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Now I want tell you about my hero.
My hero in my life is my Grandfather, because he is very kind, honest, calm, and diligent to pray. He never gets angry when he has troubles.
One day, my Grandmother was sick. She had a stroke and became deaf. My Grandfather took care my Grandmother patiently. He never tired of taking care of my Grandmother.
Now he is hospitalised. He suffered a stroke too. He is in the ICU room. He can't open his eyes and he can't speak. I always think about him. I always make trouble and make him angry. He always help me when I have many troubles. I feel so guilty because I never say "Thank You" to him and say "Sorry" for all my mistakes. I am very sad. Well, Grandfather, I will always pray for your health.

Written by Erlinda from Bandung
by Mia from 13 Junior High School Bandung
Hi, My name is Mia. I study in 13 Junior High School (3rd). I’ll tell all of you about my hero. It’s a nice story. I want to be My Hero. She is My Mom, she is very precious in my life. She was willing to sacrifice her life for me to be born. I’m happy to be her daughter. Everything I want is never far from her prayers.
Every day she always teaches me the best. And it is never forgotten by me of all memories about her. She loves me so much, and also to my Father and my Brother. How very great are her sacrifices to her family? She struggles just for her family.
When I feel lonely, she becomes my friend. When I feel sick, she becomes my doctor, and when I feel no meaning in my life, she gives me everything. And I’ll do everything, too, to make her happy. Because, my hero already gives me something important in my life. I learn from her, ‘We must be a star, because the star will never give up bringing a glow to everybody." And she said, "Un homme vaut averti deux." It means "A man informed is worth two. And "history vitae magistra." It means "experience is our teacher." I am proud of her. To me, she is the only one in the world.
My Hero is always in my heart, here and everywhere. There is no one in the whole world that makes me feel this way. What she see as truth, what she see as lies, remember that a true hero never dies. Although I may change and drift apart, I’ll always value My Hero within my heart. My mom tells me, when a door of happiness closes, another opens. But so often at times we look so long at the closed door that we don’t see the one which has been opening for us.
She always motivates me better and better, day by day. I want to be a great person because of her.. I want to be like my mom… My Hero…!!!

Written by Mia from 13 Junior High School Bandung
by Tiara from Bandung
Hello Friends! My name is Tiara. I am a student of 13 Junior High School Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, grade VIII J. I want to tell you about my hero.
My Grandfather is my hero in my life because he is very kind, smart, calm, and always looked happy. But now, he has passed away. He used to make me happy and he used to hold me when I had a trouble.
When I was 4 years old, I wanted to be a student of kindergarden, but my mom said I was too little to be a student of kindergarden, and my Grandfather taught me everything. And he told me anything I wanted to know. When I cried my Grandfather made me smile again. When I was sad, my grandfather made me happy again, and when I wanted to sleep, my Grandfather read a story for me. My Grandfather used to give me what I wanted.
One day, I wanted to ask for candy in my Grandfather's room, but he slept. So, I tried to wake up him. But he still slept. So I called my Mom, and she said..My Grandfather has passed away..But at the moment, I really didn't understand about that. After my mom told me about that, I was very sad..because I couldn't play with him again..
Well, now my Grandfather has passed away and I can't meet my Grandfather again. But he will never die in my heart. He will be forever in my life.
by Tonny from SMPN 13 Bandung
Hello My name is Tonny. I am an English Club member of 13 Junior High School, Bandung. I want to tell you about my hero, Walt Disney. Why is Walt Disney my hero? That is because he is the first cartoon filmmaker with a sound in the world. Walt Disney was born in December 5, 1901, in Chicago, USA. He was a good boy. When he was a teen, his hobby was drawing. He tried to make a cartoon with a lot of paper, and he did make it. He worked for an illustrating office and he got a project. It was his idea, making a film with sound. He made a rabbit character for his film and it made many people amazed. Walt wanted his film to be played on TV but an American man bought that film. Walt was so unhappy. At night, when he wanted to make another film, he found a mouse. He drew that mouse and he made a Mickey Mouse character. Mickey Mouse was famous from that time on. One day he listened to a radio and he heard the sound of a duck character in it. He was inspired by it and made a duck character. Its name was Donald Duck.
After years went by, he drew a picture on a transparency and that had a better result. In 1932 he made a first colour cartoon film and he had many characters. Walt Disney felt so tired. He went to a doctor and he had to take a rest at home for a couple of days. In 1955, Disneyland had a grand opening, and that land made Walt get a medallion from an American senator. In 1966 he didn’t survive his cancer and he passed away. At that moment, he still had a project in the making called Disney World and in 1971 Disney World was opened for the first time.
I still have other reasons why Walt Disney is my hero. It was when I was at primary school that I got a project that was making a media for presentation and I didn't have a good theme. I was so tired and I saw on TV one of Walt Disney's movies and I got an inspiration. "Why didn't I take a Walt Disney theme?"

Written by Tonny from SMPN 13 Bandung